Note: Honest measurements are essential to ensuring proper fit.  For best results, stand naturally wearing your period shoes and record your measurements.  If you experience a substantial weight change (plus or minus 10 lbs or more), remeasure to see if there are any substantial changes.

Measurement explanations:

  1. Height: Taken standing with your back against a wall, wearing period shoes. Place ruler on top of head and mark where ruler touches the wall. Measure from the floor to the mark.
  2. Bust: Measure across widest part of back, under arms, and across full bustline.
  3. Waist: Mark your waist by tying a string snugly around your middle. It will roll to your natural waist. Take the measurement of the string marker.
  4. Hips: Keeping tape measure parallet to the floor, measure around the fullest part of your hips. This isz typically 7 to 9 inches below your waist.
  5. Neckband: Measure around the base of your neck below your Adam's apple.
  6. Apex: Measure from the base of your neck to the point of your bust.
  7. Shoulder Length: Measure from the base of your neck to the top of your arm.
  8. Sleeve Length: With your hand on your hip, measure from your shoulder joint to your wrist bone.
  9. Trousers Outseam: Measure along the side seam from your waist to the floor on the outer leg.
  10. Trousers Inseam: Measure along the inner seam from the crotch to the hem.
  11. Under Bust: Rib cage measurement, just below your bustline.
  12. Shoulder Breadth: Widest part of your shoulders between sleeve seams.
  13. Biceps: Total measurement around your upper arm (not flexed) at widest part.
  14. Finished Front Length over Crinoline: From your waist to the floor over crinoline.
  15. Front Length: From the base of your neck, just under Adam's apple, to your waist.
  16. Back Waist Length: From the prominent bone at the base of your neck to your waist.
  17. Wrist: Circumference at the prominent bone.
  18. Hoop Circumference: Largest/bottom row of steel. Note: Hem measurement should be a minimum of 20 inches more than this measurement.
  19. Crotch Length: From your waist in the back, through your legs and up to your waist in the front.